MOOC On Horticulture is a novel attempt to rejuvenate and transform the way of cultivation in India. It has been accomplished entirely on mobile technology using simple mobile phones.

It is an initiative of IIT-Kanpur for educating people of India using mobile phone technology. Mobile phones are easier to use than internet for both urban and rural people of India. It is less expensive and the content is in their local language. In this perspective, MOOC on Horticulture is an experimental technology based on Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Open Source Soft Switch PBX system to disseminate audio lessons.

The course is about set of farming practices being communicated in a voice recorded format. Popularly known as voice-Package of Practices, these practices cover all aspects of cultivation from sowing up to harvesting. An IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) is used to guide the candidates in a step by step manner and thus navigate the program components without any let or hindrance.

Who should attend this course?

This course is conducted by agricultural experts for the students of India.

Course contents and topics

The course content encompasses vegetable crops and flower crops. It also gives a detailed guide to the general practices for maintenance of the crops. The content of the course has been taken from the book "Krishi Gyan Manjusha" which has been published by the Department of agriculture, Uttar Pradesh, India.

At the end of the course, a participant knows about

The cultivation practices that should be followed for major crops in Uttar Pradesh, India.


The students will be given Course Completion Certificate which gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment.The course complition includes 50% of listening to the course and scoring 50% in the quiz conducted.