Mobile for Malis

    Empowering Malis of Bharat

Mobile for Malis is a novel attempt to rejuvenate and transform the way gardeners work. It has been accomplished entirely on mobile technology using simple mobile phones. It comprises a set of farming practices being communicated in a voice recorded format. Popularly known as voice-Package of Practices, these practices cover all aspects of cultivation from sowing up to harvesting. An IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System) is used to guide the candidates in a step by step manner and thus navigate the program components without any let or hindrance.


The mobile course has been organized in two phases.


Phase I

In the first phase, five vegetable crops like Chilli, Brinjal, Lady Finger, Tomato and Bottle Gourd were chosen for delivery of the course.Total number of registered users for this course was 12 farmers out of which 11 farmers appeared for the exam and received certificates.


Phase II

The second phase of the mobile course comprised of 10 crops. Five vegetable crops have been carried over from the first phase and five additional flower crops have been included like Gladiolus, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Rose and Gerbera.Total number of registered users for this course was 111 farmers out of which 58 farmers appeared for the exam and received certificates.

How MfM Works

The MfM system works as follows. The gardeners are registered to the Mobile For Malis (MfM) website. The Gardeners call to a specified number. The system on getting their call, verify their numbers and hangs up. It then calls back the Gardeners whereby they are presented with an audio interface allowing them to select the lesson they want to learn via the mobile and IVR interface. On selecting a particular lesson, the audio is played over the mobile phone. A lesson is broken into several short audio files which are played in sequential order. At the end of an audio file, the user can either replay it by pressing on 1 key or move to the next audio file by pressing the 3 Key.

For assessment purpose, a set of Yes/ No quiz was given to the Gardeners. They answered the quiz by either pressing on 1 for Yes and 2 for No. The system then registered their answers for the assessment.

A website Mobile for Malis (MfM) is implemented to monitor the Gardeners on their daily usage of the learning platform.

A history tracking module with more detailed statistics is available on our website showing the number of times an audio file has been viewed by the farmer, the time it was viewed and the call duration to understand the learning pattern.

Our tracking module also registers the number of audio files each gardeners has listened.

MfM Team


Prof T V Prabhakar

Principle Investigator

Prof J.R. Yadav

Agri-Scientist & Voice Artist

Dr Sharwan Kumar Shukla


Dr Vinod Kumar


Ms Sugatha Chaturvedi

Voice Artist

Mr Krishna Kumar Dube

Project Manager

Mrs Revathy KT

Technical Manager

Mr Gaurav Shukla


Mr Deepak Kumar

System Administrator and

Graphics Designer

Mr Prashant Gautam

System Flow Designer

Ms Akanksha Rastogi


Mr Raj Kishen Moloo




The credit of the content goes to Voice PoP in the agropedia Project.


 Our Sponsor 

This research is sponsored by Research-I Foundation, Dept of CSE, IIT Kanpur

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